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Expert Tips Of Printer Services To Keeps Your Printer In Tip Top Condition

Office printers play a vital role in a company’s productivity and efficiency. We rely on them for the simplest office tasks like copying and printing. Today’s latest printers even allow you to send files through Cloud or assemble projects like binding or stapling.

So, what happens when your device isn’t functioning properly ahead of an important presentation? What if you can’t find reliable professional printer services right at that moment?

The answer is to keep your office printer in tip-top shape at all times. With it, you won’t have to ever experience downtime due to printer issues.

Here we have compiled some essential tips for printer services and maintenance. Follow them all and make sure your printers always stay as a solution and never become a problem.

Printer Services And Maintenance Tips

Warm It Up When It’s Cold

It is not just the employees who go for a break during the weekends. When you shut the office doors for the weekend, your printer takes a break too. It goes off into sleeping mode, and it has to go through a process to wake up.

When the printer wakes up, it automatically enters calibration mode. It also needs sufficient time to warm its drum. This is to make sure the printer prints accurately and efficiently.

But very often we stay in a hurry to print documents and push the printing button over and over again trying to get the printer out of the sleeping mode. But this doesn’t wake up the printer any faster. Instead, it does damage to the machine.

So, give the printer time to warm up and copy a test page first when it’s been sitting idle for an extended period. Allowing the printer to warm up slowly will reward you with high-quality prints.

Never Overload The Paper Tray

Overloading the printer’s paper tray is a sure-fire way to end up with a problem. Your office printer will have trouble feeding paper, thereby causing a jam.

Most paper trays include filling level lines. Use these lines as a guide when loading up a paper tray. Also, make sure the printing paper is wrinkle-free and packed tight. By following this printer services tip, you can avoid major paper jams.

Work Carefully When Reducing Paper Jams

One can’t help but feel annoyed when a paper jam occurs. But don’t let this frustration cause you to get rough with the printer though. Printers are sensitive and complex electronic devices.

First, look at the printer’s display panel to understand the source of the paper jam. Before you fix it, unplug the printer. Once it’s unplugged, open the printer slowly so that you can fix the paper jam.

If you force the components open or move too quickly, you could make the problem worse. Forceful movements or pulling the paper in the wrong direction might rip the jammed paper. If that happens, you have to call professional printer services to handle the issue.

Keep The Printer Clean

Dirt and debris are harmful to printers. So, must keep your printer clean and tidy. Your monthly printer services cleaning checklist should include –

  • Cleaning bypass and exit trays as well as glass surfaces
  • Removing debris from the printer’s exterior

Don’t Ignore Lines On Paper

Anytime you witness lines on your printing paper – it means your printer is trying to tell you something. The lines could be due to a spot on the printer’s glass. If that is the case, clean the glass off with an alcohol-free cleanser and a soft cloth. Then, the lines will easily go away.

The printer could also be telling you that the last paper jam caused loose toner residue to pool in the machine. You may solve this problem by making some blank printouts. The blank pages can pick up the rest of the toner, leaving clean paper behind.

But if the lines are due to a roller problem, you will have to call professional printer services. The service technician will inspect the roller to see if it’s’ failing or dirty. If it is, the expert will fix or replace it so that your printer gets up and working again.

Use The Correct Toner For Your Printer

Everyone receives a manual while buying printers. When you look through this manual, you will find a section containing information about the type of toner to use for your printer. Use only and only that toner and not any counterfeit toners.

Fake printing supplies usually sell counterfeit toners. They offer a steep discount, luring people into thinking that they are buying the real deal. But when they receive the toner, it leaks or causes paper jams, calling for urgent printer services.

Train Your Office Staff

Office printers have changed a lot over the years. They now come with more features than ever before. So, it is a wise idea to train your employees before letting them operate the printers.

Your go-to professional printer services team can help train your employees on how to use the printer’s different features and functions. And remember – when you add new staff to the team, make sure they receive full printer training too.

Professionally Maintain Your Printer

Apart from the simple DIY maintenance, your printer should undergo regular expert printer services and maintenance. Follow the schedule mentioned in the owner’s manual for this. Regular maintenance ensures your printer performs at an optimum level and reduces the need for time-consuming repairs.

Make Your Office Printers Last Longer

The above printer services tips will help you extend the life of your office printers. In case you are looking for a professional and reliable printer maintenance support in USA, connect with Printer Support USA.

Our expert technicians can provide you with printer maintenance, repairs, and remote monitoring services. We can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs by keeping your printers in the best condition at all times.

Schedule an appointment with us for monthly or annual printer services!



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