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Printer Support: Guide on Buying The Best Printer For Your Home

The majority of us have put the pandemic behind us and stepped back outside to continue our daily lives. But, 45% of the world population is still working/schooling from home. Hence, the demand for home printers has increased tremendously.

You could be a parent who needs to print out notes for your child. Or you’re tired of trekking to your local office supply store to print out forms for your office every time.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in need of a home printer, follow this printer support in USA buying guide. Here, we won’t tell you which specific home printer to buy. But we’ll go through essential tips like –

  • Laser v/s Inkjet Home Printers
  • Printer support features you want to make sure you are getting
  • Where to buy the home printer from

So, let’s start with the guiding tips for buying home printers!

Laser v/s Inkjet Home Printers

Haven’t purchased a printer lately or haven’t had any printing needs until now? Then, you need a quick refresher on laser and inkjet printers. Get a general idea of how each of these printers works.

Laser Printers

These printers use lasers to cause static electricity on a rolling drum inside the printer. This static electricity attracts the toner (a powdered form of ink) which is melted onto the page.

Toner cartridges cost far more than ink cartridges. However, they also last for a longer time than liquid ink. Thus, your cost per page will be less with laser printers.

However, laser printers tend to cost more than inkjet printers. But they save money over the long term in terms of printer support and maintenance.

Advantages Of Laser Printers

  1. They are faster than inkjet printers.
  2. The quality of text printing in laser printers is more precise.

Disadvantages Of Laser Printers

  1. They are pricier as compared to inkjet printers.
  2. The color laser printer quality will not be equivalent to a color inkjet printer.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet home printers spray tiny drops of liquid ink onto paper.

There are many types of inkjet printer ink systems. But the most popular ones are the separate ink cartridges. Each cartridge has a print head that separates the ink into microscopic droplets.

The number of ink cartridges the inkjet printer uses varies. The cheapest printers use only two cartridges – one with black ink and the other with cyan, magenta, and yellow ink.

Medium-priced inkjet printers have four separate cartridges. They are black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink.

Advantages Of Inkjet Printers

  1. The initial cost of home inkjet printers is less.
  2. They are very compact in size.

Disadvantages Of Inkjet Printers

  1. Inkjet printers will make you suffer with low speed.
  2. They cost you a hefty price on regular printer support and maintenance service.

So Which Home Printer Should You Buy?

There are many factors to consider before buying a new printer. Here is a crucial question you must ask yourself while deciding which to buy.

What Am I Using The Home Printer For?

One way to decide between a laser or an inkjet printer is to look into what you want to do with it. If color is not a priority for you, then it’s a no-brainer deal. The laser will be the more cost-efficient and faster option for you.

But if you need to print out your kids’ artwork in color or print an occasional photo, go for inkjet.

Printer Support Features You Want To Make Sure You Are Getting


●      Multifunction Home Printers

See yourself working from home for a long time? Or even if you don’t, consider a multifunction printer support feature AKA all-in-one printer.

The multifunction printers can scan existing documents and either save them or copy them as files. They are very handy in keeping office paperwork to a minimum. You can also use your phone’s camera to scan and upload documents in a multifunction printer.

●      Input and output tray

Most printers pull the paper in from the front for printing. Then, it runs it around the drum or roller and pops it out to the output tray.

But if you’re printing for an important project, you certainly don’t want to bend the printing paper. In that case, look for a printer support feature that has an input tray coming from the back of the printer. This way, the paper will be through in a straight line.

Pro Tip – Check how many sheets of paper the input and output printing trays are capable of holding. If you have to print a 100-page manuscript, you don’t want a tray that can handle only 50 pages.


Printer support duplex feature – the ability to print on both sides of a page. This duplexing element is more common than it used to be.

Printers with duplexing features come in very handy. Especially if you need to do a lot of printing and want to save on the paper cost.

But not all printers include this feature. So, make sure your home printer has one.

Wireless Printer Connectivity

While purchasing the printer, make sure it has wireless printer support connectivity. You should be able to connect with the printer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. It must be compatible with whatever computer or mobile device you plan to use with it.

Where Should You Buy The Printer From?

Home printers are available at almost every online or offline store that sells electronic products. Amazon, Best Buy, and B & H are some of the most popular online printer buying sites.

But as with any tech device, check the product in person before you order it remotely. This will save you valuable pennies on printer support services.

You can also purchase the printer directly from the manufacturer. For instance – Epson, HP, and Canon.

Get In Touch With Printer Support USA For Expert Printer Service

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