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6 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Slow Printer Error

Thinking of technologies, printers are one of such devices that have made our lives easier. Printing has become so advanced now that we can hardly relate them to the age-old hand-transcribed papers anymore. Ironically, that’s where it came from.

Interestingly, our ancestors were able to detect the writing speed of these hand-transcribed papers over the writers’ mood and capability. However, can you imagine the same when your printer takes a long time to print?  No, you cannot. Once the printer gets slower we are just stuck with ongoing tasks and get eager to find one slow printer service.

Challenges due to slow printer:

  • Low productivity
  • Waste time
  • Pending tasks
  • Incomplete projects

Frustrating, isn’t it? That’s why there are so many troubleshooting ideas out there. And so, we’ve collected some of the best ones for you in detail. But…first, let’s know some reasons why your printer gets unexpectedly slow sometimes.

Probable reasons why your printer is getting slower

1.  Servers causing slow network printing

The printing program resides in the terminal server. But many other devices besides your printer might be using the same terminal server. When you start to print, your file is transmitted to your printer through the WAN.

So, imagine a large number of users like you are printing at the same time. The network (WAN) becomes overburdened with loads of printing.

Maybe that’s why you are getting a slow printer service. This can happen even with the newest model.

2. Print servers located remotely

Businesses these days often operate in multiple locations. To stay economically convenient, they set up a central print server for all the locations.

There’s slow accessibility, when a print file is sent through the WAN. The print file from your computer is sent to the server over the back, and vice versa. As a result, the remote operation areas from the servers suffer, causing their printer slow to print over network.

3. Overloaded print servers

The most practical way to connect a network printer is through print servers. There’s a specific location where all the print instructions are handled and transmitted. Because of this reason, even when a single point fails, the entire printing network will become slower.

All these reasons are associated with network issues, but there are a lot more. Could you still connect to the above reasons?  Well, even if not, it’s not that big of a deal because you just want to know how to fix it anyhow. So, let’s get straight to the troubleshooting tips for slow printer service.

Simple steps to fix a slow printer:

  • Reset
  • Check preferences
  • Update driver
  • Turn off Quiet Mode
  • Restart print spooler
  • Check network connection
  • Update firmware

6 tips to fix a slow printer and make it run faster

1. Reduce pages from the tray

Did you know fixing a slow printer problem can be as easy as reducing pages? You can just put fresh valuable content on every sheet. This way, you’d be reducing the count of overall documents.

For example, you may lower the typeface and margin size. Now you can fit more text onto your blank paper and fix slow printer.

2. Streamline the spooling process

Is your printer taking a longer response time? Are multiple users using your printer server?

Try this: in the sub-option preference panel, select the “Print Spooled Documents First”.  This option often helps small projects from being stuck behind the large ones.

But, we do not guarantee this to be a solution for your bigger projects. Bigger projects take a while to spool. In fact, we recommend you to contact us at Printer Support USA. Why remain stuck when we can keep you going?!

Data is stored in a memory section called the PRINTER SPOOLER until a device can catch up. When you use fast printing devices, it drastically slows down your printing process. Access the printer settings and check for “Print straight to the printer”. Maybe it can help.

We have different modules to assist you in finding solutions for your slow printer. Hopefully, we could fix it for good.

3. Assess printer properties

It’s the poor printer properties where most of the delayed printer’s fault hides behind. The first thing you have to do is open the primer set. Check for “Spool print papers so the program completes printing faster”.

Activate this option and you are done with solving an overburdened printer issue.

4. Adjust settings in your printer

This step just follows the above assessment. If your printer is yet running slowly after the above trial, then select the sub-option- “Start printing when the last page is spooled”.

You can find many users suggesting this option. It’s because this option doesn’t split the printing in the middle.

5. Do the upgrades and updates

Did you buy your printer more than 8 years ago? Most printers show a low printing rate as it gets older. If your situations match, then maybe this is your sign to upgrade to a faster machine.

Note: The average lifespan of a printer is 3-5 years. With proper maintenance it can last up to 7 years.

Moreover, taking about upgrades, make sure to constantly update your computer software. Not just printing, a lot of work gets slower when you are using an older version of the software.

We can’t help you surpass a software update, because that’s what Microsoft and Apple do whenever they launch a newer version. But we may help with the printer.

6. Printer RAM optimization

Boosting your printer’s RAM will give you a faster machine. A faster machine can produce instant prints. RAM boost will free up more space inside your printer. You may expand your current printing pace.

Add RAM for external memory expansion and make printing faster. Printers use SIMMs (Single Inline Memory Module). Standard SIMM sizes: 2MB, 4MB, and 16MB. You may add 32MB to 64MB for greater results.

Pick your printer support service

What if troubleshooting didn’t work? Professionals at Printer Support USA are intellectuals, eager to make printers faster than ever. So if you are looking for a professional slow printer service then, you’ve come to the right page.

Maybe your printer slow to print over a network issue, over an upgrade issue, or anything. We assure you fix it with an instant solution.

Contact Printer Support USA for printer problems!

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